Julian Contrarez

Specializes in:




Balayage & Ombre

HotHeads Hair Extensions

Keratin Treatments



Although Julian has been working in the professional industry for over seven years, he began learning the craft at the age of ten, when he took on the responsibility of cutting his family members' hair at home. It was always fun, but the most defining moment that made him realize his passion for hair was when he received, as he describes, "a terrible buzzcut from my mother." He now knows firsthand how devastating a bad haircut can be. "That's it," he said to himself. "I will never let this happen again!" This conviction led him to become an apprentice to his uncle, who mentored him at his salon in his hometown, Stockton. Julian accepted an additional apprenticeship in San Francisco, and has continued his education since becoming a stylist with classes in New York and Los Angeles from the world-famous Tracy Cunningham.  He loves discovering new techniques and adores creating different effects in hair, from subtle to bold and everywhere in between.


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