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Clara Halula Jackson

Specializes in:


Japanese Hair Straightening

Keratin Treatments



Clara went to the San Francisco institute of esthetics and cosmetology and graduated with a focus in esthetics. 

After joining the salon four years ago she found her interest in chemical treatments and became Patrick’s apprentice to learn thermals and keratins. 

She’s been studying color since coming to the salon and recently joined the cutting program. She has a great interest in fashion color and creative photography projects and has worked in the studios of CNBC and ABC7 as a stylist preparing the news anchors to go live. 

When it comes to her specialty, permanent straightening, she shared: “Our approach should always be with the health of the hair in mind as our main priority. Straight hair isn’t right for everyone, but for the people who are looking to stop struggling with their curls/waves/frizz when it’s losing time they could be doing something else more fulfilling or valuable I’m here to help.”

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