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Sonia Paniagua

Specializes in:

Lived in Color





Fast forward! Ten plus years in the beauty industry Sonia, came to Patrick Evan Salon in the spring of 2019 while assisting at celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan the salon in Beverly Hills, CA. Knowing San Francisco would become home. 


Raised in her mother’s salon she was taught the importance of structure and work ethic at an early age. Inspired by the endless possibilities and guidance she started cosmetology school while attending Tokay High School

in Lodi, CA. 


At eighteen she embarked on her professional career. Coming from an extremely small town she knew even with experience behind a chair she would have to assist. Completing the intense cutting and color program she built her book in San Jose, CA. 


Social media lead her to the Iconic Chris Mcmillian offered an assistant position she took it! Shortly after she assisted under Jessica Brown, who taught her crucial  eye for detail and how effortless color can really look with the right pops of brightness  keeping the natural base for a lived in look. Cutting was also a passion of Sonia’s which is when she was fortunate enough to shadow Brant Mayfiled a versatile stylist with immense talent. While assisting she would fly back to San Jose every six weeks. Creating the face frame, highlights, tip out, root melt method on 15-20 of her clients, which they absolutely loved! Truth is she wouldn’t be the stylists she is today if it weren’t for the time spent assisting and is forever grateful. 


Patrick Evan Salon is now Sonia’s home. She prides herself in her set up and is always ready to go most importantly creating a fluid experience for her guest from all over the world. “I’ve never felt so good and accepted, we are truly blessed with an eclectic culture.” 

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