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At Patrick Evan Salon, we have stylists who are highly skilled in many different coloring techniques. We are known for our expertise in two techniques in particular, Balayage highlights and Ombre.  Both produce stunnig and beautiful results.


Balayage hair color is a highly sought after and specialized process of creating highlights.  Unlike using foils to seperate the hair that is lightened , Balayage takes a visual approach, using a special type of lightener that is painted free hand on the hair. The color is applied  using a sweeping paint stroke method to achive a natural sunkissed effect.  Balayage can be customized to be more dramatic and have more dimension depending on your desired effect. 

Ombre hair color

The Ombre hair color effect is a gradiation of color from dark at the roots to light ends.

“Rooty” hilites have always been fashionable but this takes it to a whole new level.

Roots are dark-natural and fade into a lighter shade from mid-shaft to the ends. It’s a very beachy, natural look.

Look around and you’ll see it on many celebrities in different variations from the more subdued, subtle looks like Camila Alves to trendy extreme flashes of color like Drew Barrymore. How intense you take it is completely up to you, but the best part is it only looks better as it grows!

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photos shown have been chosen from various websites and show the Balayage and Ombre effect,  Patrick Evan salon does not claim ownership of these images.

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