We hope you’ve been well these last few months; we’ve certainly missed seeing you! We are now open for all services indoors, at limited capacity. We’d like to thank you for being so patient and supportive during the closure; we truly have the best clients at our salon and are so grateful that you continue to choose us.


If you're requesting to book services, please kindly fill out our form at www.patrickevansalon.com/waitlist.


This (very long and detailed) page will review our new procedures and temporary policies during Covid-19 as well as the changes you can expect at your next appointment. Please know we’ve made the following adaptations in accordance with CDC, State Board and SF City/County mandates/guidelines, and to preserve and protect the health and safety of our staff and our clients. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your participation; we’re all in this together!


What We’re Adapting to Keep You (and us) Safe

  • All staff will be required to wear face masks and stylists will be additionally required to wear sanitizable aprons (non-cloth materials) during your service. Aprons will be sanitized/disinfected between each client.

  • All staff will have completed a Covid-19 test before returning to work, and must complete frequent Covid-19 tests to continue resuming work.

  • All staff will have completed the Barbicide Covid-19 Certification course to demonstrate their commitment to and understanding of infection control in salons

  • Removed stations to ensure remaining chairs are more than adequately distanced to limit contact

  • Moving check-ins outside of the salon where they can be conducted safely with social distancing measures in place and to limit the amount of people in the salon at once; closed waiting areas/processing areas

  • Entry points are one-way when possible and have a max.capacity of 1-2 guests at a time; elevator usage will be an “up” thoroughfare, stairs will be “down,” except in the case of disability/mobility needs.

  • Plexi-glass barriers have been placed around our front desks

  • Added hand sanitizer beside every single station

  • Now offering contactless payment options

  • Suspending non-essential direct contact (i.e. hugs, handshakes)

  • Maintaining records in case the need for contact tracing arises

  • Suspending beverage offerings to limit exposure and cross-contact

  • Extended hours every day and staggered start times to meter traffic flow into the salon

  • Limiting staggered booking to minimize cross contact and meter capacity


What We’ll Continue to Do with Boosted Measures to Keep You (and us) Safe

  • Each floor will continue to have designated assistants to maintain strict sanitization and disinfection protocol that exceeds State Board guidelines

  • Increased the amount of Barbicide stations for continued sanitization/disinfection of tools and equipment, and added 30m to every appointment to more than meet minimum time requirements for sanitizing stations/hard surfaces and to limit contact among clients coming and going.

  • Gowns will continue to be single-use and laundered in hot water after use; laundry sanitizer will also be added during wash cycles. Gowns will remain optional should you choose to forgo wearing one (but be sure to bring a shirt/top you don’t mind getting permanent color/keratin/thermal product on!).


Policy Changes (strictly enforced)

  • Sick Policy: If you are feeling ill for any reason, please reschedule your appointment. If you are exhibiting visible signs of illness (coughing, sneezing, runny nose), we will ask you to reschedule your appointment. Cancellations due to sickness will not be charged a fee, but will need to be rebooked at least 14 days from the date of your cancellation.

  • Face coverings required: Please bring a mask to wear during the entirety of your appt that can be secured around your ears. Masks that tie around the head/need to be removed for us to complete work are not acceptable and you will be asked to complete a 25% rescheduling fee before rebooking your services for another day. We also recommend bringing an additional disposable mask if you’re having keratin or color services done to avoid staining/damage of ear straps.

  • Late Policy: Due to high demand and limited capacity, late arrivals can no longer be accommodated. You will be asked to complete a 50% late fee before rebooking. Our elevator capacity is now 2 people/ride, so please arrive no sooner/later than 10m before your scheduled start time to prevent delays and limit exposure. 

  • Service Change Policy: Last-minute add-ons to bookings can no longer be accommodated due to limited capacity. For day-of cancellations or dropped services, you will be asked to complete a 50% cancellation fee before rebooking or before the remainder of your services can begin. 

  • Blowdry Policy: Blowdry services will be left up to the preferences of each stylist or client. If your stylist opts out of completing blowdries for now, we’ll let you know at booking and inform you of any special prep instructions. If you prefer to forgo a blowdry, please let us know at booking as this may open up booking options due to shorter completion time required. However, please note that certain services, like keratins and thermal reconditionings, cannot be completed without a blowdry.


What to Expect at Your Appointment

  • Prior to your appointment, you will be sent a brief questionnaire pertaining to Covid-19 safety measures. Please reply; failure to do so will result in delays at check-in and you cannot be checked in until this questionnaire is completed.

  • Check-In: Upon arrival, please check in outside with our concierge and observe social distancing measures. We’ll be checking your temperature and you may be asked a brief set of questions pertaining to Covid-19 safety measures. Upon entry, you’ll be offered hand sanitizer. For safety compliance, please do not enter the salon floors until you have completed your check-in. We no longer have waiting areas so if you're more than 10m early, feel free to call or text us to complete a pre-check in.

  • Outside Items: Please limit the amount of items you bring from home into the salon; work laptops and beverages with a straw are ok, but no snacks or open-sip containers at this time (we will no longer be offering beverages to limit exposure)! Keep in mind that your mask will need to be on the entirety of your visit, and no phone calls will be permitted in the salon at this time.

  • No additional guests permitted at this time; this also means we ask that you leave children and pets at home for now! If you need to cancel your reservation to accommodate your guest/pet, a 50% cancellation fee will apply.

  • Contactless payment encouraged; call ahead to add/confirm your card on file so we can offer a completely contactless Express Checkout at the chair, otherwise standard contactless forms of payment are still available. 

  • If you’re having multiple services done in one appt, there may be some wait time between services as each station is properly reset/disinfected.


What to Expect at Booking (Existing Clients)


  • Be prepared: Know what services you’d like to book for, which stylist(s) you’re open to seeing and what your availability looks like. When you reply/send us an email, feel free to order your preferences as this will help us get back to you with viable options and minimize the amount of emails exchanged. If you’re thinking of a change, please be ready to share specific goal look photos and details to expedite your booking process. 

  • Double-Check your profile settings: While changes abound, now’s the time to confirm we have your current email, phone and card information on file. When you reply to our email, feel free to add these details so we can verify that you don’t miss any news or reminders. 

  • Let us do the work for you: Calling in or sending multiple emails will not expedite or advance your position on waitlists and will actually create additional workflow which will compound existing delays. 

  • Limited Time Slot Flexibility: In order to maximize availability, we may not be able to offer the same flexibility in time slots as before Covid-19. Please understand that we are working within limited capacity constraints to accommodate all of our guests, but the more flexibility you can afford us, the more options we’ll be able to provide to you!



New Clients/Absent Clients: If this is your first visit with us in recent years or your first visit entirely, please kindly fill out a form at www.patrickevansalon.com/waitlist.



We know the world is finding its new normal, so once you’ve booked your services, it’s a good idea to take a few moments the day before your appointment to review these new changes to avoid having to be rescheduled or charged any fees. We thank you for your understanding and participation and are so excited to be able to see you soon! 



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