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Japanese Hair Straightening

japanese hair straightening san francisco
Japanese hair straightening Specialists
japanese hair straightening san francisco
japanese hair straightening san francisco
istraight japanese hair straightening
liscio japanese hair straightening
yuko japanese hair straightening
ironing thermal hair straightening
Thermal Reconditioning
thermal hair straightening application
rinsing japanese hair straightening san francisco
thermal reconditioning application

Japanese Hair Straightening, also called Thermal Reconditioning is an amazing process that can turn even the most resistant, curly, unruly hair straight.  At patrick Evan Salon, we are experts in Thermal Reconditioning with over 8000 treatments performed over the last 14 years.  We have been written up in many magazines including Allure, where we were chosen as the best salon for Thermal Reconditioning in San Francisco.  We currently perform 3-5 Japanese Thermal treatments a day, 5 days a week.  If your interested in this straightening treatment, please read our FAQ section and when you are ready, feel free to book a complimentry consulation with one of our Thermal Reconditioning Specialists.

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