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Flexible Heat Settings

Choose from 14 different heat settings to create the style you want while maintaining healthier hair by avoiding excess heat. The iron’s heat transfer properties are so innovative and efficient you can use lower temperatures to achieve stunning results.

Vibration Mode

An innovative vibration feature creates plate oscillation to keep the hair gliding through the iron for a dazzling shine and smooth result. 

Plug and Play

Enjoy the best professional global iron designed to be used anywhere in the world.

Full LED Display

The EVAN iron features all digital technology to prevent accidental temperature fluctuations.


Auto Off and Hibernation Mode

Never worry about leaving this iron on. For added safety and energy savings, a built-in sensor prevents overheating, while an automatic switch turns the iron off after 60 minutes of non-use.



Professional Length Swivel Cord

Made with the professional stylist in mind, the 9-foot swivel cord prevents tangles, maximizing the life of the iron.


Rounded Ergonomic Outer Casing

The rounded outer shape of our iron allows you to create curls, waves or sleek straight hair. Designed for versatility, the plates are extremely efficient for producing sleek and straight hair quickly.

Tilt and Cushion Plate

The tilt and cushion feature provides even heat transmission by balancing the plate pressure and reducing wrist fatigue.

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