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Safety for our clients and stylists

Patrick Evan Salon is committed to providing a safe environment for both our clients and stylists while performing Keratin Smoothing Treatments and Cadiveu Brazilian Blowout services in the salon.


Patrick Evan Salon was featured on Channel 5 CBS news for the great lengths we have taken for safety while performing Keratin treatments and Cadiveu Barazilian Blowouts.


We have invested approximatly $17,000 to puchase 5 industrial source capture air filtration systems.


These air filtration machines  have a long tube that rests over the clients hair and vacuums the vapor released from the iron directly  into the machine.   The air then travels through an three different filters including an ashrae and carbon filter to clean the air of any undesired ingredients and releases the cleaned air..

If you have any questions about these treatments, you can contact Patrick directly by emailing him here.

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