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 Japanese Hair Straightening VS  Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout


Over the years,many types of smoothing treatments have become have become popular   Two hair treatment technologies which have become extremely  popular are Japanese hair straightening  and Keratin treatments (aka. Brazilian blowouts) What’s the difference between the two? Quite a bit...

First, there’s Japanese hair straightening.also known as Thermal Reonditioning,Yuko,and Rebonding.  The process was created by Japanese hair expert Yoko Yamashita. Japanese hair straightening was granted a patent in its home country in 1995, after which the method spread to other parts of the world.

With Japanese hair straightening, human hair is permanently straightened with a special solution. The hair is then rinsed, then separated into sections dried and ironed. the hair is then neutralized with another solution and rinsed and dried again.  Depending on the hair length and thickness, Japanese hair straightening can take up to 5 hours to complete. Once straightened, hair                will not go back to its frizzy or curly form, although any new hair growth will maintain the natural texture of your hair.

But how does Japanese hair straightening differ from a Keratin Treatment? Also known as Brazilian Blowout, Brazilian, or Keratin complex treatment,a Keratin treatment is a smoothing  procedure with Keratin as a primary ingredient. Keratin is a tough protein which can be found in hair, nails and skin.

Unlike Japanese hair straightening which results to stick-straight locks, a Keratin Treatment primarily prevents frizz while only reducing the wave or curl  but makes it super easy and quick to get the hair to become stick-straight with minimum effort.  Also, unlike Japanese hair straightening which has permanent results, Brazilian hair straightening only lasts from 2-4 months. The results vary with different products used and hair types treated.

With a Keratin Treatment, the protein keratin formula is infused with an iron into freshly washed hair using intense heat , thus only impacting the outside layer of the hair.  Japanese hair straightening works by changing  the inner bond of hair.  

When deciding which among the two treatments you should undergo, it is always best to consult your specialist at Patrick Evan Salon The appropriate straightening treatment for you is one that will best suit the thickness, texture and natural condition of your hair.


1. Japanese hair straightening is also known as Thermal Reconditioning, Rebonding or Yuko while a keratin Treatment is also known as a Brazilian Blowout, Brazilian Keratin treatment or Keratin complex treatment.

2. Japanese hair straightening changes the internal bond of human hair while Brazilian hair straightening does not, it only smoothens out the cuticle and repairs hair damage.

3. Japanese hair straightening produces permanent results while Brazilian hair straightening lasts for two to four months depending on the hair type.

4. Keratin Treatments are safe for all kinds of chemically treated hair  This means that this hair treatment could be safely used for hair that has been previously permed, straightened, relaxed, bleached, colored or highlighted.

5. Japanese Hair Straightening can also be performed on many types of hair including color treated, bleached, highlighted  hair, but a consultation is suggested to make sure the hair is suitble to work with.  colored hair is a bit more difficult and requiees special attension to detail. The specialists at Patrick Evan Salon have extsnsive training on working with color treated hair. We want to make sure every client loves their hair and will turn away a client if we dont feel we can produce excellent results.




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