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March 15th 2022

Mask Updates: Effective March 15th, masks are optional for guests.

  • If you prefer to wear a mask, please wear one that does not need to be removed for us to complete your service (should have earstraps)

  • Vaccination has been a requirement for all staff. Beginning March 15th 2022, updated booster shots will be required for staff who wish to remove their masks

  • All check-ins will now be completed on the 4th Floor and indoor waiting areas have been reopened (please do not enter on the 6th Floor!)

  • Guests are welcome, though capacity may still be limited since our waiting areas are also used as processing areas. All mask policies will be required of guests aged 2 years and older.  Clients receiving services will receive priority seating and this may mean we’ll need to ask your guest to move/depart the salon.


The following policies remain unchanged:

  • Standard Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we ask that you notify us by 6pm the night before your reservation date. Notification received after that will result in a 50% cancellation fee (or a $25 rebooking fee for complimentary services like consultations, bang trims and clean-ups). We encourage notice by email or text, as we’re sometimes available outside of normal business hours through these methods of communication! 

  • Sick Policy: If you are feeling ill for any reason, please reschedule your appointment. If you are exhibiting visible signs of illness (coughing, sneezing, runny nose), we will ask you to reschedule your appointment. Cancellations due to sickness will not be charged a fee, but will need to be rebooked at least 14 days from the date of your cancellation.

  • Late Policy: Due to high demand and limited availability, late arrivals can no longer be accommodated. You will be asked to complete a 50% late fee before rebooking. 

  • Service Change Policy: For day-of cancellations or dropped services, you will be asked to complete a 50% cancellation fee before rebooking or before the remainder of your services can begin. 

Our Hours of operation are:

Monday:  Phone hours only, no services  11am-2:30pm

Tuesday: 9am-7pm

Wednesday: 9am-7pm

Thursday: 9a-10pm

Friday: 9am-7pm

Saturday: 9am-7pm

Sunday: 9am-7pm

Phone Hours: Mon (11a-2:30pm), Tues-Sun (9a-6pm)

(feel free to email/ or text/415-423-0560 if you need to reach us outside of these hours! We may not be able to reply, but we’ll receive your message when we reopen!)


If you're requesting to book services, please kindly fill out our form at


Getting to the salon: We still strongly recommend public transit or rideshare services, as street parking is still extremely limited and parking meters are still in force. If you must drive, we recommend the garages at Ellis/O’Farrell, Sutter/Stockton or Union Square. When making your travel plans, please review our Late Policy!


Booking your Appointment:

  • Due to staffing constraints, our capacity to answer calls is still extremely limited. We strongly encourage requesting through our form, or emailing us directly at We are also reachable via email or text (415-423-0560) outside of phone hours!

  • New Clients/Absent Color Clients (last visit was before Sept 2020) : If this is your first visit since the first closure in March 2020, in recent years, or your first visit entirely, please kindly fill out a waitlist form. We can also send you a photo consultation prompt to request the specific details we’ll need to move forward with your request. 

  • Some of our team is still working remotely, and we answer all emails in the order they’re received to ensure a speedy reply. To avoid confusion or missed information, please try to keep messages in the same thread or avoid submitting duplicate requests or calls.


Before your Appointment:

  • You’ll be sent an email and text reminder in the days leading up to your reservation (7 days before/email, 1 day before/text). If you don’t receive these, please contact us so we can confirm your booking details.

  • Be sure to review this page to ensure you’re prepared so you can avoid any extra charges for missed/dropped services


At your Appointment:

  • Check-In: Upon arrival, please review lobby signage before heading to the 4th Floor. Our staff will greet you and complete your check-in process. Please note: our front desk is shortstaffed so a stylist or assistant may assist you with this step!

  • The remainder of your service will run just as you’re accustomed to

  • If you’re having multiple services done in one appt, there may be some wait time between services as each station is properly reset/disinfected.

  • Bins for discarded robes are located in each changing room

  • Check out: We’re booking out as normal, so go ahead and book that next service! Contactless payment is encouraged--call ahead to add/confirm your card on file so we can offer a completely contactless checkout (if this is the first time using this card, we’ll still need to verify the physical card so be sure to bring your card with you!), otherwise standard forms of payment are still available, including keypad-free methods. Cards being used for payment must match the ID of the person presenting the card. We are not able to offer ApplyPay methods at this time.  

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