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Vania Avila

Specializes in:


Keratin Treatments


Balayage & Ombre



Even as a child, Vania loved playing with hair. Her career as a stylist was such a natural progression, she can’t imagine doing anything else. Vania loves browsing magazines from the 1920s forward and derives much inspiration from the styles of that era. She also has a interest in current high fashion. “Both points of that timeline are fascinating,” she explains, “as well as all the places in between.”

Vania believes that there are no cookie-cutter solutions to hair style. “Everyone is different,” she explains. “The needs of a Wash-and-Go person are vastly different from someone with the time, willingness, and money to invest in a high-maintenance style. My job is to help clients make the right choices to compliment their lifestyle.”

For Vania, the key is “listening … really listening … and focusing wholly on one person at a time.


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